Something About the President's Legacy

Thinking about how the President has acted during this year's primary. He's going to let Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders slug it out. I guess that is ok.

I go back in time. 2008. I am a middle-aged white guy; city-bred, but suburban living. I am middle class with kids in middle school. I am outraged at the stolen election of 2000. I was apoplectic at our entry into an optional war in Iraq.

So I see this African-American on the Democratic debate stage. OK, another also ran. This country was not ready for someone of that shade.

But he started making his case.

He never would have existed in my mind if he did not stand up to Hillary Clinton and make a moral Iraq War argument.

He never would have gotten anywhere near my vote if he did not clearly state - he was getting bin Laden.

The moment Hillary laughed and Biden clucked was the turning point.

I voted for him because he was not Hillary Clinton and had no part in the creation of the Iraq War.

I voted for Candidate Obama because he took everything the Clinton team dished at him. And did it with calm and coolness.

It was even more revealing of what the Clintons are when you look at the execution of their game plan for 2008. It made me even more disgusted with them; the roots of the Birtherism movement and Rev. Jerimiah Wright. The half-truths being executed on Bernie Sanders today were practiced and almost perfected in 2008.

What bothers me in 2016, I look and see that President Obama's silence may help Hillary Clinton to the White House.

I have to ask what changed since 2008 (aside from my middle schoolers racking up college debt)?

Was it her vote on Iraq that killed an innocent country?
Nah - that didn't change. Those folks are still dead.

Has he been warped by Washington DC to the point he forgot why he went there?

An animal deal that puts Hillary in the White House will be the largest stain one could imagine on his legacy.

It will be indelible because President Obama erases the reason he ran in 2008.