Something Has Gone Horribly, Horribly Wrong

The Lieberman campaign has issued a fulminating press release that should let everyone know that something has gone horribly, horribly wrong over at the reelection campaign of Sen. Joe Lieberman (Connecticut for Lieberman-CT). It became obvious that the wheels came off when, in the face of awful news about growing poverty in Connecticut, more casualties in Iraq and the anniversary of the Katrina disaster, Lieberman released a campaign ad telling voters to simply think about "the good stuff." Now, a press release today confirms the train wreck that has become the 18-year incumbent's political career.

In the release, truth-challenged Lieberman flack Dan Gerstein says:

"Despite clear evidence that shows Senator Lieberman has called for a new approach to the war, Lamont repeated his false claim today that Senator Lieberman supports the President's 'stay the course' strategy. The fact is, three weeks ago on CBS's Face the Nation, Senator Lieberman said unequivocally that the Bush Administration needs a change in leadership and a change in direction at the Pentagon, and repeated his call for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's resignation."

So let me get this straight - Joe Lieberman co-authors the resolution that authorized the Iraq War, he spends the next 3 and a half years using Connecticut's Senate seat as a human shield to defend the White House from those who raise questions about the war, he publicly berates Democrats for criticizing the invasion as more than 2,600 American troops are killed in Iraq, he likens voters who are upset with the war to terrorist sympathizers - and yet, we are all supposed to forget that because 3 weeks ago after losing his primary he finally went on a Sunday talk show and admitted Don Rumsfeld isn't doing such a great job?

As I said before - something has gone horribly, horribly wrong over at Lieberman HQ. Some D.C. insiders and corporate lobbyists have tried to question whether a first-time candidate like Ned Lamont is ready to be a U.S. Senator - as if somehow business experience doesn't matter and the only thing that does matter is being an insulated career politician with experience hobnobbing in the Senate club. But I'd say it's the other way around - people should be asking themselves, when looking at this kind of behavior, whether Joe Lieberman is fit to be in elected office, because clearly this is a guy who has lost control of his faculties.

(DISCLOSURE: I have long been a volunteer supporter of Ned Lamont's candidacy and written extensively about the race. As of Labor Day, I am officially working with the Lamont for Senate campaign on research. The writing on this blog is my own, and not the official work I do for the Lamont campaign)