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First Congregational Church of Los Angeles was founded in 1867. This breathtakingly historic Gothic cathedral was designed by Los Angeles architects James E. and David C. Allison, and although it was very forward-looking for its day, today when you're walking through its spacious and ornate rooms, through the graceful arches, you feel as if you've been transported through time and space, to 12th century France or England.

In addition to its rich history, First Church also houses the largest church pipe organ in the world and has completely customizable awe-inspiring futuristic sanctuary lighting.

But more beautiful than what you see and what you hear, is its incredibly open & progressive philosophy that celebrates diversity and welcomes & marries ALL, from same-sex couples to people of all faiths.

Here are some wedding photos recently taken on their grounds. For date inquiries or to schedule a tour visit their website:












Photography: Cloak Photography
Models: Milanya Maria and Matt Severin
Wedding Dress Designer: David's Bridal
Brides Veil: Evey
Mens Clothing: Men's Wearhouse
Hair & Makeup: Salon Tru Santa Monica
Hair Stylists: Kristine Miyasato, Cory Yamashiro, Jessica Calvache
Makeup Artists: Ericka Zamora, Letty Mendiola
Brides Shoes: Irregular Choice Shoes
Location: First Congregational Church of Los Angeles