When A Woman Smells Fishy!

Something Smells Fishy

Reality is! Women have a menstrual cycle every 28-30 days, for about 4-7 days at a time. Many PMS symptoms, including, cramps, bloated stomach, headaches, discomfort and not to mention the fishy smell are all part of the week of torture. A woman’s hygiene is so important around this time mostly because odor is more pronounced. Women please be sure to take care of your hygiene. There is no reason why a woman should walk by another and a fishy smell followers her like a wave of funk. There should also be no reason why a fishy smell knocks you to the ground after entering a stall in the bathroom, due to someone discards pads or tampons in the trash or simply using the bathroom. One of the best pieces of advice my mother taught my sisters and I is, a man should never know when you are on your cycle. He should not smell you and he shouldn’t see evidence of wrappings in the trashcan. My parents have been married over 50 years and my father says he has yet to ever smell any odor on my mother. In my father’s seventy-something years, he told me that he has never smelled any odors on my mother nor his daughters. If that’s possible, then surely it is also possible for you.

Below, I will list the hygienic rules I was taught, which will keep you fresh and clean during your menstrual cycle.

Take long showers during your cycle. The amount of time you spend in the shower when not menstruating should be doubled or added to. In other words, if you take ten-twenty minute showers, spend 20-60 minutes in the shower.

1) Wash every part of your body thoroughly. Spend time washing your vaginal and buttocks.

2) Vagisil odor block body wash or any odor block body wash will prevent odor. Literally, your private parts will smell like flowers.

3) Trimming your private area before your period starts can be helpful.

4) Use pads. A female menstruates monthly during her cycle, therefore, allow your body to flow. Using tampons are unnatural for the body and can have safety issues. Tampons contain the blood and keep the blood from flowing naturally. It can also cause vaginal infections, which lead to a bad fishy smell.

5) If you use pads, be sure to change your pad every time you use the bathroom. Once the air hits the bloody pad, aw hell breaks loose and the smell surfaces.

6) Do not wear bloody pads all day long. Change your pads frequently and especially whenever you use the bathroom.

7) Use powder. Sprinkle a little bit of baby powder and or odor block powder in your panties to stay fresh.

8) Do not wrap your pads or tampons in toilet tissue!!!

9) Use newspaper or magazine pages to wrap your pads in. Why you ask? Newspaper has a natural odor protection, which contains the odor. If you use newspaper pages to wrap your pads in, as you throw them away, your trashcan will not smell and no one will ever know it’s your time of the month. Plus, it conceals your little secret. Wrap your panty liners and wrappings up as well. Tear off small newspapers clips. Do not stuff your trashcan with paper.

10) No man or person should ever know you’re menstruating, due to your hygiene issues.

11) If you do not have a handle on these issues, please resist wearing dresses, so that there is not a wave of odor that fans people as you walk by with your dress.

12) Body Mint pills prevents body odor.

If you practice good hygiene during your cycle and yet there is still a fishy smell that you are reeking. Try going to a Doctor, because you may have a vaginal infection that can’t be washed away in the shower

I have always had good hygiene, so take heed and never smell fishy again. Remember, if you can smell yourself, others can too. Never believe because you’re a woman and you’re on your cycle that you get a pass for being smelly.

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