Son Posts Incredible Video Of His Mother To Help Her Find 'The One'

Meet Eva. Not only is she an incredibly eligible 69-year-old Norwegian, she is also mother to one of the sweetest sons ever.

Eva's son, Alex Lyngaas, took it upon himself to find love for his single mother by putting together a totally compelling dating ad for her, in the form of a clever video. The inspiration came after Eva went through her second divorce a few years back, Lyngaas told The Huffington Post. Lyngaas and his brother pushed her to start online dating but after nothing worked out, she was left disheartened. "It even got to the point where she started saying things like 'I don't know why anyone would want to date me anyway.' That’s when I decided to put together a little video of all the inspiring footage I've accumulated of her over the years, to show her how truly awesome she is," he said.

The video, called "Looking for Adam," -- a play on his mother's name -- was something Lyngaas says he compiled with short film snippets over a year, without his mother ever finding out.

He posted the final video on YouTube this Mother's Day, including his mother's shocked reaction. It's already gotten over 375,000 views and many, many responses to the ad via an address he set up for suitors to reach out to his mom.

"The inbox is exploding," Lyngaas said. "Mother is overwhelmed, possibly in shock, but luckily (mostly) in a good way. I hope it will end in a happy love story for my mom. I genuinely believe she’s a total catch." We couldn't agree more.

Could you be her Adam? E-mail if you think so.

Here's wishing Eva the best of luck on her search.



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