Son-In-Law's Plea To Have His Mother-In-Law Butt Out Of His Marriage

Adam is a married father of seven whose mother-in-law calls him abusive, controlling, disrespectful, rude, vulgar and selfish. Watch her story here. But Adam claims his mother-in-law "stirs the pot." In the video above, he says, "I do believe that Marilyn is trying to sabotage my marriage and be a homewrecker."

While living in Marilyn's home with his wife, Miranda, and their three kids, he offended his mother-in-law when he referred to himself as "king of the castle." He explains, "I did say I was king of the castle, because my rules are my rules. If we're renting her basement out and I tell my kids to do something ... Excuse me, I'm the king, this is my house. If you don't like it, you need to turn around and walk away, because this is our marriage!"

Marilyn claims Adam was actually a "freeloader" who didn't pay rent, and she ultimately kicked him out -- although Adam says that they all agreed his family could live there for free while he worked to save money for a home.

Responding to Marilyn's claims that he doesn't provide for his family and spends money on himself instead, Adam says, "Yeah, I bought a car and I bought a motorcycle. Let's get one thing straight, people have hobbies. I think every once in a while it's OK to buy yourself something ... If you sit there, and you go to work day in and day out and you're providing for your family, are you supposed to just be a slave and a paycheck? No. This is the land of the free, man."

When the family turns to Dr. Phil for help resolving their conflict, Adam sums up his point of view about his mother-in-law: "I've had enough of her crap ... I need Marilyn to back off our marriage. That way we can get our marriage back on track and move forward."

Can this mother-in-law and son-in-law make amends? Hear what Dr. Phil has to say on Thursday's show -- check local listings.

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