Son Leaves Adorable Note And Present For Hardworking Mom (PHOTO)

In today's sweetest-son-ever news, a 10-year-old boy noticed all his mother's hard work and decided to leave her a note and present to show his appreciation, according to his sibling's post on Reddit.


"Dear Mom," the boy's note reads. "This is for you, I understand how hard you work, and I know you love strawberry milk, so I made this for you. :)"


Though this boy is incredibly sweet, the 10-year-old isn't the only child to leave his mother a creative note.

Remember this mildly threatening and somewhat crazy letter this son left his mom about her alarm clock?

In it, the boy writes if the "hellish cries of such a horrible instrument" continue to disrupt his sleep, he will have "hesitation in wrapping it soundly in a plastic bag before dashing it into numerous pieces upon the driveway."

Children often put pen to paper to express dissent, and one little girl's colorful letter to mom and dad made her stance on password protection perfectly clear.


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