Son Leaves Mom Insane Letter About Loud Alarm Clock, Lack Of Sleep (PHOTO)

Apparently someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

In a detailed letter to his mother, one son plots the epic demise of his mom's "damnable" alarm clock.

The somewhat poetic author notes that if the "hellish cries of such a horrible instrument" continue to wake him up, he "will have no hesitation in wrapping it soundly in a plastic bag before dashing it into numerous pieces upon the driveway."

The rant continues for several paragraphs, before the author closes in a softer tone, reminding his mother that her banana bread is fantastic.

Nevertheless, plenty of commenters on Reddit felt the son needed a lesson in good manners. And while mom's response remains unknown, it remains to be seen whether she'll be as frustrated as Tommy Jordan, the dad who shot his daughter's laptop after she posted a Facebook message complaining about her parents.

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PHOTO: (Warning: The letter contains expletives.)