'Son Of A Preacher Man' Gets Reimagined As Heartbreaking Gay Romance

A powerful, somber take on the Dusty Springfield classic.

The classic hit "Son of a Preacher Man," originally recorded by Dusty Springfield in 1968, has been reimagined by singer Tom Goss in a video telling the story of two young, gay teens struggling to understand their sexuality -- and feelings for one another -- while operating within the confines of an evangelical church.

Goss' somber remake follows the son of an anti-gay preacher after he falls in love with another boy in his father's congregation and reveals what happens when the pair's relationship is subsequently discovered.

"The story of the video is one that hits home to me," Goss told The Huffington Post. "I had planned to become a Catholic priest -- I spent 18 months in seminary following college before I realized I was gay. I also attempted suicide when I was 13. Although it was for different reasons, it's a place that I've been."

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