Son of 'Random Notes and Fripperies'

Something you won't see in the Alcoholics Anonymous handbook: while staying at the White House during WWII, legendary British Prime Minister Churchill awoke his first morning and ordered "a tumbler of sherry in my room before breakfast, a couple of glasses of scotch and soda before lunch and French Champagne and 90-year-old brandy before I go to sleep at night." And this guy, along with his presidential pal in a wheel chair, won the war!

This current teen and young adult generation is called The Millennials. A more appropriate moniker might be The Hoodies: covered faces and limited views.

Cleavage in the office is NOT professional: Office guidelines from Scandal's Olivia Pope.

Probiotics are good for us. It's the amateur-biotics we've got to watch out for.

People who eat quiche are gourmets. People who can spell it are smart.

"Walmart is on the frontline for Borderline Personality Disorders,' says Columbus, Oh. clinical psychologist, Joseph Shannon in his lecture, "Toxic People: Living and Working with High-Conflict Individuals" Why? Because the stores are open 24/7 when periodically unstable folks shop at periodically odd times of night.

Up to 8 percent of our population is narcissistic - a little over 25 million - do they shop at Walmart too?

Effective politicians make sure we hear what we're listening for - before they tells us what we don't want to hear.

You're headed toward Geezerville if you think the word 'dude' means city dandy.

Planning a long trip this holiday season? I suggest you take Billy Crystal along for the ride. His audiobook autobiography, "Still Foolin' 'Em," is laugh-out-loud-alone-in-public funny, poignant and illuminating. The story of the TV producer, the tarantula and the cricket is a doozy.

Do people who wear faceless Movado watches really care about time?

Miley Cyrus probably thinks her massive tongue shtick is sexy. It rather looks like a mutant lizard's tongue. 

Actors Robert Mitchum and Raymond Burr, test pilot Chuck Yeager and baseball great Stan Musial were all enrolled in FDR's depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps.

"Mud sometimes gives the illusion of depth." - Polish Poet, Stanislaw Lec.

George Clooney and Cate Blanchett should do a re-make of the Cary Grant-Katherine Hepburn movie, Holiday.

Thomas Pynchon's latest novel, Bleeding Edge, made him a finalist in this year's National Book Awards. Unfortunately, the audiobook edition is hard to access because the very talented actress, Jeannie Berlin is miscast as the narrator. Think Selma Diamond or TV's Janice on Friends: nasal and whiny.

Why is Russia's Putin so eager to promote his anti-gay agenda and a machismo image? Doth the man protest too much?

"Only the mediocre are always at their best." - French playwright, Jean Giraudoux

"Silence is the best interrogator." - Marcia Clark

Politicians often use a whale of words to express a minnow of thought.

A lie is a terrible thing and a really big help in time of need.

"Competition brings out the best in products and the worst in people." - David Sarnoff, NBC broadcast pioneer.

The definition of a personality disorder: someone who sees the light at the end of the tunnel and looks for more tunnel.

The Maltese Falcon from the 1941 Bogart movie classic of the same name is being auctioned off at Bonham's this week. It's billed as the actual prop bird and may fetch up to $200,000. However, it may not be the only one around. Didn't the Warner Bros prop department made several of the bird statues to use in filming? Who has the others?

The cure for boredom is curiosity - which unfortunately kills cats.

Reality television is not to be found anywhere on the compass of reality.