Mom Didn’t Sell Any Knitted Goods At A Fair, So Twitter Bought It All

This is on point!

Twitter showed a man some love after he tweeted about his mom struggling to sell her knitted wares at a craft fair.

On Nov. 26, Martyn Hett of Manchester, England texted his mom, Figen, to see how she was doing. He tweeted out her heartbreaking response:

The 28-year-old then mentioned his mom had a Depop page, which is similar to Etsy, where people buy and sell homemade goods.

A friend of Hetts bought a glove creature from his mother’s Depop page:

And a few more people followed along and bought goodies as well:

Then, in the very best way possible, knit hit the fan:

Mama Figen even had to re-up on materials due to demand:

“She sews/knits for therapeutic reasons,” Hett told Buzzfeed News. “She’s a counselor and she believes that being creative is good for the soul – it’s advice she often gives to her clients. Since it went viral, she’s decided to donate money from her earnings to a local charity, Beacon Counselling.”

He also told Indy 100 that she’s getting requests from people who want her to make specific hearts to honor relatives who have passed.

In regards to the response, Hett thinks the whole thing is hilarious.

His mom, however, has decided to react in the most mom way possible:

She is sew cute!

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