SondorBlue premiere "Ashley Avenue" Live video


How much talent can be crammed into one band?  This is the question to which SondorBlue (with their forthcoming EP You Will Find Love On Ashley Avenue) is the best answer.  Stacking the deck, these Charleston, SC natives have 3 lead-quality vocalists – Connor Hollifield (lead guitar), John Sheehan (guitar, keyboards) and the one that serves as lead in the band, Andrew Halley (also the band’s bassist). 

 The harmonies are amazing, and the arrangements intimate, drawing comparisons to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young from press and fans alike.  Rounded out by drummer, Drew Lewis, SondorBlue cites influences ranging from The Beatles to Coldplay to Pink Floyd, each audible in subtle ways on each of their tracks.

The true test of a band’s talent is acoustic arrangement and execution of their single.  Don’t take our word about their ample talents – see for yourself in this premiere of their live video for the single “Ashley Avenue.”

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