A Song For Bruce Rauner, Illinois' Republican Governor Candidate

While Bruce Rauner may not be able to bank on winning the Illinois governor's seat, the multi-millionaire Republican can count on coming out a winner thanks to a lovely new tune all about him.

Matt Farmer, a Chicago lawyer and musician has composed and recorded "Plutocrat (The Ballad of Bruce Rauner)," a country song that is sure to get Rauner's legs moving, even with his pockets so heavily weighted with cash.

Watch the video above.

What do you give a guy who owns nine homes, made $60 million last year and wants to be governor of Illinois?

I decided to give him the gift of music.

After all, a guy who loves Wrangler jeans and Carhartt coats as much as Bruce Rauner does would probably enjoy blasting a good country song over the stereo in his 20-year-old van.

While the instrumentals will please almost any ear, the lyrics may remind Rauner of some of the troubles he has encountered in his bid to unseat incumbent Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn.

The lyrical jabs are many, and they are sharp. Rauner's pitch to win black voters with a $1 million investment comes under fire, "I'm tryin' hard to buy your November votes,"; as does his alleged use of loopholes in tax filings, "Who hates payin' taxes for Medicare,"; and his choice of where to store all his money, "And I bank in the Cayman Islands anytime I can."

After trailing Rauner for months, Quinn has rallied and the two are now in a close race with just weeks to go, some polls giving Quinn the edge. The contest between the two has been messy, and Rauner's image has taken a hit with news that a Chicago Sun-Times reporter resigned after the newspaper allegedly bowed to pressure from the Rauner campaign to punish the reporter for writing a story the campaign was not happy with.

But now Rauner has this great tune to put some spring in his step!

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article identifed the Governor of Illinois as Sally Quinn. The Governor of Illinois is Pat Quinn.