Guy Has A Song Stuck In His Head, Asks Random New Yorkers To Figure Out What It Is

Here's Proof New Yorkers At Least Try To Help

Scott Rogowsky is becoming a more and more familiar face on the Internet, thanks to his live weekly talk show, "Running Late with Scott Rogowsky" and the wonderfully silly man-on-the-street segments he and his crew shoot for each episode. Recently, Rogowsky masterfully trolled fitness nuts by setting up a dessert shop outside of a gym.

This week he's back with another absurd look at how New Yorkers react to the unexpected -- in this case, a dude with an impossibly complicated song stuck in his head. Is it the theme to "12 Years a Slave" or "Seinfeld"? Is it Ace of Base? Or is it everything at once?

Whatever it is, we have to applaud these folks for really, really trying to help. See, New Yorkers are good people!

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