Songify The News: The Gregory Brothers & Joseph Gordon-Levitt Sing 'Get Money, Turn Gay' (VIDEO)

The Gregory Brothers of "Auto-Tune The News" and "Bed Intruder" fame are at it again, this time making music out of some of the more outlandish things said during this never ending GOP presidential primary race a new series called "Songify The News."

Continuing what they already do so well with viral videos, this fist installment of "Songify The News" transforms Newt Gingrich's stance on child labor, Jim Stossel's views on voting and little-known presidential candidate Vermin Supreme's bizarre platforms into a hot new auto-tuned song.

They even got some help from Joseph Gordon-Levitt. But don't get too excited, Zooey's not in this one.

Our favorite part of "Get Money, Turn Gay" has to be Gingrich's catchy "Cash Money" bit but the Ron Paul slow clap at the end is also hilarious. And yes, there is a slow clap. Watch it above and tell us your favorite part in the comments.