Woman Robs Liberty Tax Services Using Curling Iron In Ohio: Cops Search For Sonia Watson

If you use your imagination, maybe it looked like a gun.

A woman and her son are on the run after they allegedly used a curling iron draped with a towel to rob a financial services business in Ohio, police say.

Witnesses told Toledo Police Department officials on Thursday that the woman attempted to use her hair appliance-turned-weapon to intimidate employees at the Liberty Tax Services location, Fox Toledo reports.

Authorities did not have much trouble identifying Sonia Watson and her son Antonio as the suspects, considering that just a few days before they had been customers who shared their personal information with the staff, according to WNWO.

"It was a total shock that somebody who actually had been a customer, where we have every piece of their information, their private information, would come in and attempt something like that," George Hack, the location manager, told WTOL-11.

Watson and her son escaped with $280 in cash, but not before one of the witnesses hit Watson's son with a chair. The pair also managed to evade an additional Liberty Tax Services employee, who was outside dressed as the Statue of Liberty.