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Sonic Song: Giorgio Sings Drive-In Order, Serenades Worker With Guitar (VIDEO)

Sometimes fast-food service can prompt rude, impersonal exchanges, but at this Sonic drive-in both customer and employee become involved in a friendly conversation that can only be described as harmonious.

In the video above, YouTube user Giorgio and his friend pull into a Sonic drive-in armed with a plan and a guitar.

When a female employee greets the pair, the musician begins strumming on his guitar.

Caught off guard at first, the worker quickly realizes the men are placing an order through song, and she cheerfully takes down their requests, occasionally asking "Is there any thing else I get for you?"

A question that is ultimately met with a final request that she "just have a wonderful night."

While listening to an occasional serenade from a customer might make the workday a bit brighter, writing a song about how much you hate your employer probably isn't the best idea. Just ask one former Starbucks barista.

Christopher Cristwell took to YouTube in nothing but his underwear and a green apron to rant about serving customers at a California Starbucks location.

Although the tune, titled "The Starbucks Rant Song," was supposed to be a joke, the mega coffee chain didn't find it funny and fired Cristwell shortly after the video began gaining steam on the Internet.

Via Reddit

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