'Sons Of Anarchy': Jax Tries To Get SAMCRO Out Of Guns (VIDEO)

After quickly realizing that the gun used in the school shooting at the end of the "Sons of Anarchy" season premiere could be traced back to SAMCRO's illegal gun-running business, Jax made the decision that it was time for the club to get out. So he called a meet with Galen to tell him his intentions, but things didn't go as smoothly as Jax had hoped.

“I’ve been giving a lot of thought to moving us out of guns. It’s a different climate. Different world that it was ten, twenty years ago," Jax said. "I’ve got no choice, Galen. I gotta move us out of guns.” As a father to a son about the same age as the shooter -- and several of his victims -- Jax felt very strongly about the issue.

Unfortunately, it wasn't going to be that easy. He had to agree that a new deal set up with a different charter would double the revenue. And until Galen ran the idea up the line, it was going to be business as usual. In this case, business as usual meant a surplus of guns. Jax gave the order to sit on the guns for now, which didn't sit well with the guys. He's been making a lot of decisions lately without taking it to a vote at the table. Nevertheless, Zap2It's Chris E. Hayner thinks this is "the one smart thing he’s doing at the moment."

Making matters even worse for the club, Nero has a connection to the child shooter's mother. Out of fear that she might talk, the plan is to relocate her. What SAMCRO finds, though, is that she's both resistant and strung out on drugs. And so, Jax makes another call. He has Juice smother her with a pillow, telling Nero that she must have OD'd. The woman had two other kids, so this was a harsh decision, and one that may come back to haunt him if Nero ever finds out the truth.

And don't tell Jax, but Tara is moving to divorce him, as well as give Wendy full custody of the boys if anything happens to Tara. Her trial is set for six months hence.

“After watching this episode, a depression has set in," admitted Entertainment Weekly's Mandi Bierly. "Not because it wasn't good -- it was. But because things are imploding, and if you're invested in these characters, you feel the weight of the rubble.”

Things will probably only get more and more bleak as "Sons of Anarchy" continues on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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