'Sons Of Anarchy' Shocker: The Bodies Are Piling Up (VIDEO)

With one move, Jax seemingly put the past to rest on "Sons of Anarchy." Now it's a matter of picking up the pieces and seeing what may be left of SAMCRO. And what's going on with Tara. And the case the DA is putting together against them. Okay, so there's plenty more for the club to deal with.

Still, this week's pivotal moment came as quite the surprise. The club helped the Irish bust Clay out of jail during a prisoner transport. But then, Jax and his men gunned down the Irish -- including Galen. But that was only the first part of the scenario. To complete the fiction they were trying to spin, Clay had to die, too. Clay accepted his fate like a man, and then Jax shot him. Just when we'd decided that Clay would never die on this show -- how many times has he come so very close? -- it was all over. He bled out on the floor as Gemma watched on in shock.

TV Line's Michael Ausiello called it "the craziest episode of "SOA" yet." Over at Entertainment Weekly, series creator Kurt Sutter said, "As much as people say that they want Clay dead, they don’t want Clay dead ... They want to see it be complicated … They want to see that play out even though they, in their gut, they know the guy should be dead.’”

Well now, he is dead and "Sons of Anarchy" moves on without him, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on FX.

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