Sony Hackers Reportedly Demand 'The Interview' Be Pulled

The Sony hackers seem to have it in for the Seth Rogen-James Franco film, "The Interview." A note that appears to come from the group that leaked massive amounts of information from Sony Pictures demands the studio not release "The Interview," which follows Rogen and Franco's characters as they try to assassinate Kim Jong Un. “Stop immediately showing the movie of terrorism which can break the regional peace and cause the War!” the note says.

The Wall Street Journal was the first outlet to pick up the note and cites that private investigators and government agencies have linked the cyberattack back to North Korea. (The country, however, denied any involvement on Sunday.) The same note also claims that the hacking group did not send Sony Pictures a letter threatening the company's employees and their families. “We know nothing about the threatening email received by Sony staffers, but you should wisely judge by yourself why such things are happening and who is responsible for it," the note said. "We have already given our clear demand to the management team of SONY, however, they have refused to accept."

A representative for Sony Pictures would not comment when contacted by The Huffington Post.

The hack has leaked documents containing the salaries of Rogen and Franco for "The Interview," upcoming Sony films, passwords, celebrity aliases, employees' Social Security numbers and much more.

For more, head to The Wall Street Journal. "The Interview" is due out on Christmas Day.



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