Is Sony About To Unveil A PlayStation Phone?

Is Sony set to announce a PlayStation phone? The Internet certainly thinks so, and now Bloomberg agrees.

Though news of the game-playing phone has not yet been officially confirmed, the phone has been captured in both pictures and videos already. According to Bloomberg's sources, the phone will be revealed in February, following an updated PlayStation Portable in late January.

Web sleuths have managed to uncover a number of specs for the phone, despite Sony's attempts to play coy. Supposedly, the phone will be a Sony Ericsson touchscreen called the Xperia Play, using a slide-out pad and buttons as well as touch-sensitive pads for gameplaying. The PlayStation phone will also reportedly run Android.

Sony's entry into the market will attempt a strike at both Nintendo and Apple--the PlayStation Portable sold only 18.5 million units in America, compared to Nintendo DS's 47.4 million. Apple, meanwhile, has posted record numbers in the last quarter, helped largely by booming iPhone sales. The iPhone, with its burgeoning app market, has elbowed into Sony's space with a variety of popular games.