R.I.P. PSPgo: Sony Ends Production Of Gaming Device

Despite a tiny form factor and novel slide-out panel for controls, Sony's PSPgo handheld never gained a huge following with its high price (originally $250) and download-only gaming issues. Today Impress Watch reports that Sony Computer Entertainment has completed its production run of the gaming device: They've decided it's time for the PSPgo to, well, go.

Sony's statement confirmed that no new PSPgo handhelds would be shipping, and that the company is "focusing on the NGP," the still-codenamed Next Generation Portable.

Though the PSPgo eventually settled at a price of $149.99 last month, the two-year old handheld was burdened by an inability to play previously purchased PSP games via Universal Media Discs (UMDs), forcing users to re-download games via the PlayStation store or sync from other devices. For gamers who are still rocking the old school PSP-3000, don't worry: Sony will continue shipping and supporting the three-year old device