Sony to Release This Is It Sequel , This Is Also It

Celebrating the box office returns of its posthumous Michael Jackson film This Is It, Sony Pictures announced today that it would release a sequel titled This Is Also It.

"When we put together This Is It, we thought it was it, but it turns out it wasn't it," said Sony spokesperson Carol Foyler.

The success of the Jackson film -- along with the debut of a startling DirecTV ad starring the late Chris Farley and the continuing airing of commercials starring the late Billy Mays -- has sent entertainment industry insiders scrambling to exploit the careers of other dead celebrities.

"Dead is the new black," said Buddy Schlantz, a talent agent and longtime observer of the Hollywood scene. "Walter Cronkite can write his own ticket now."

Elsewhere, the FAA said that airline passengers should be concerned if their pilot attempts to friend them during a flight. here.