Sophia Bush Doesn't Care What You Think About Her Feminist Views

The actress shut down those who dislike her outspoken tone.

Actress Sophia Bush has definitely received pushback for her outspoken, feminist views, but it hasn't necessarily come from her Hollywood peers. 

The "Chicago P. D." star said the criticism often comes from everyday Americans who'd rather challenge her than encourage her to speak her mind. 

"The blowback for me doesn't come from Hollywood, per se. It just comes from people, from American people," she said to The Huffington Post's Laura Bassett at the United State of Women summit on Tuesday. "And I'm so shocked that in this land of the free, I'll be judged in that way or especially have mothers speak to me in the way that they do sometimes [or] have men demean me or tell me to stay in my place."

While the resistance from others can be discouraging, Bush said she has no problem responding to critics with the same outspoken tone for which she's known.

I'm like, 'You don't know what my place is.' This is my place. My voice is my place. My family fought for this. My family immigrated to America so I could have this opportunity. The women who fought for suffrage fought for this. So I'm [going to] go ahead and use it, but thanks!

As women's issues continue to come to the fore -- due in part to the election, the proliferation of abortion restrictions and pop culture more broadly -- people are becoming "more comfortable" with speaking out, added Bush. 

"It is impossible as laws get more restrictive and as women are more marginalized for anyone to sit still and not stand up, speak out. And I'm excited about it." 

Hear more of Bush's thoughts on feminism in the video above. 



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