'Lunatic' Donald Trump Makes Sophia Bush Appreciate Hillary Clinton Even More

The "Chicago P.D." star is team Clinton.

Actress Sophia Bush is thrilled with the Democratic Party's presumptive presidential nominee, and Donald Trump's rise in the GOP has only strengthened her stance on the issue. 

Bush, who campaigned for Hillary Clinton ahead of the California primary, said the former secretary of state's "decades of experience" are unparalleled. And when looking at the GOP alternative, there is no comparison, Bush added. She cited Trump's divisive comments during the campaign thus far, which she said Clinton would "never" echo. 

"When we have a lunatic and a demagogue and a megalomaniac running for office who's saying things that are inflammatory and dangerous to our national security, I'm doubly excited at her experience, because she would never do that," Bush told The Huffington Post's Laura Bassett at the United State of Women summit in Washington on Tuesday.

Although Bush campaigned for Barack Obama over Clinton in 2008, and supported him again in 2012, the "Chicago P.D." actress argued that Clinton's political views have evolved since then.

"I think that anybody who's been in the political sphere as long as she has will have changed... Everybody has," she said. "I like seeing people who, through their experience and their human connection, get more and more positively invested in their communities." 

Bush said that Clinton's stances on women's issues and gay rights are part of the reason she plans to vote for Clinton come November. 

"At the end of the day, she's fighting for women, she's fighting for LGBT rights, she is talking about the ways we can bring everybody to the table," Bush said. "And that's important."

Hear more from Bush in the video above. 



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