Sophia Bush Says She Receives Pushback For Voicing Political Opinions As An Actress

She doesn't let it stop her.

Sophia Bush's tweets are full of hashtags and links to causes that are near and dear to her heart. From climate change to the water crisis in Flint to International Women's Day and more, the actress is all about awareness and problem solving, but not everyone has been on board with her outspoken political nature, she told HuffPost Live on Tuesday.

Bush, who recently teamed up with EcoTools and The Girl Project to ignite a conversation about women's empowerment and worldwide educational access, said she's faced naysayers who've pushed against her desire to stay politically active.

"I would imagine with this many years of me exercising my social platforms in the way that I do, people would know that I'm very outspoken and I still have people saying, 'You're an actress. Stay in your lane. You're not allowed to be political,'" she said. 

Bush told host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani that people oftentimes forget that she's "a real multidimensional human being and not just a flat person on a television screen." But, being the powerful woman she is, Bush doesn't take the critiques lying down. 

I'm like, "Excuse me?" I travel all around the world and see the effects of be it education access, environmental crises, what's happening in political sphere how it affects the developing world [and] women in my own backyard. I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to voice my opinions about that, but thanks.

You tell 'em Sophia!

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