Sophie Turner Finally Explains Why She Was Licking A Tyrion Mask

The truth is coming.

The North remembers that time Sophie Turner was caught licking a fan in a Tyrion mask, and now the North is also getting an explanation.

While dropping by "Conan" on Monday, the "Game of Thrones" actress addressed that photo going around that showed her licking a Peter Dinklage/Tyrion mask. Though Turner says she doesn't remember a lot about the night, the actress did recall that a fan came up to her in the mask, and being a "loyal wife" (at the time, Turner's character, Sansa, and Tyrion were married in the show), she gave the mask a lick. 

Of course, TMZ ran the photo, and tons of people thought it was the real Dinklage. Dinklage is married in real life, but even if this were actually him, it probably wouldn't be that big of a deal. If Turner would ever lick a mask of her current husband on the show, Ramsay, that'd be a real cause for outrage.

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