Sophie Turner's New Tattoo Will Make 'Game Of Thrones' Fans Howl

The (temporary) look proves she's a Stark through and through.

On “Game of Thrones,” the Three-Eyed Raven says, “The past is already written, the ink is dry.” Now the ink is dry on Sophie Turner, too.

The actress showed off a brand-new look on Instagram on Monday, and it proves she’s a Stark through and through. If you’re a “Game of Thrones” fan, you might want to sit down.

A wolf tattoo is coming ...

All hail the ink in the North!

As a possible homage to all our fallen direwolves, Turner is now sporting a giant wolf face on her arm. The new art also includes a flower, perhaps a tribute to the Tyrells we lost in Season 6 (since their sigil is a rose), and there are some pinup girls, too, perhaps as tributes to ... all the good-looking people on “Game of Thrones”? Sure, that makes sense, right? 

OK, really, howl did this happen?

Actually, the tats are part of Turner’s character in her new film, “Huntsville.” In the movie, Turner plays Josie. She’s a high school student who enters into a questionable relationship with an older dude named Littlefinger Hank (Dylan McDermott).

The tats are reportedly temporary, but thanks to Turner’s photo, the Instagram remembers.



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