This Chart Proves The Sophomore Slump Is Real (At Least, According To Critics)

No artist wants to fall into the sophomore slump, but even many of the best artists who have produced some of the best debut albums in history have struggled to craft equally as impressive follow-ups -- at least according to critics.

Concert Hotels put together a chart that pulls from the artists who were featured in Rolling Stone's 100 Best Debut Albums of All Time and compares the critics' scores of those artists first and second albums (via Album of the Year). The vast majority of artists received a lower score on their second album, like Nas, whose first album, "Illmatic," received a critic score of 96, while his second album, "It Was Written," received a 60. Some artists like Bruce Springsteen and Bon Iver received the same score on both albums, while artists like The Beastie Boys went from a score of 84 ("License to Ill") to a score of 97 ("Paul's Boutique"). Check out the interactive chart:



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