She Shoots Dick Pics For A Living. Why Didn't You Think Of This? (NSFW)

"And the dick dynasty was born."

And she's guaranteed tips.

Soraya Doolbaz excels at penis portraits (dick pics to most of you out there), and she gets up to $10,000 for limited edition prints.

In the New York Post video above, Doolbaz explains how she went from trading dick pics with girlfriends to dressing up schlongs in little doll outfits and shooting them as a so-called "Penis Fashion Photographer." Her work often features prominent figures such as "Donald The Dick Trump" and Kim Dong-un.

There's a few delicate details to work out during posing sessions, like getting the guy to be aroused ("Obviously the girl would fluff," she says matter of factly) but it all works out.

Doolbaz's work is reminiscent of the Tumblr "Things My Dick Does," which features an often-costumed real penis called "Little Dude" who loves adventures. But we're pretty sure the person behind "Things My Dick Does" hasn't been invited to exhibit at Art Basel like Doolbaz has.

She's also created quite a business.

"At first people asked if they could buy smaller prints for the bathroom," she told The Huffington Post. "Then women asked about bachelorette merchandise. I realized I could create a whole line of products and people could choose the character that spoke to them. And the dick dynasty was born."

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