9 Tweets That Hilariously Capture The Struggle Of Sore Muscles

Can't. Move. Arms.

Repeat after us: Ouch.

The aftermath of a workout can be painful, especially if you’ve pushed your body to a new limit. “Delayed onset muscle soreness,” or DOMS, as it’s formally known, is what happens when the body is repairing tiny tears in the muscles that occur during exercise. But we know what it’s really called: Torture.

Of course, aching muscles shouldn’t deter you from working out again. The benefits of exercise are boundless, from reduced stress to a healthier heart. But that doesn’t mean you can’t moan about how bad it hurts when it’s done (complaining is almost as good as an ice bath, right?).

Sore muscles following a workout are completely normal. But if the pain is intense and persistent beyond a few days or it feels impossible to put weight on a certain part of your body, you may need to consult a physician to make sure there aren't any serious injuries.

Below are a few sentiments that perfectly nail the painful plight of (totally normal!) post-workout soreness:

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