Sorority Girls Really Like Yogurt, Apparently (PHOTO) [UPDATED]

PHOTO: This Is What A Sorority House Refrigerator Looks Like

We've heard of Greek yogurt, but this is ridiculous. The photo below, posted to Reddit by user DubSak, allegedly shows the contents of a sorority house fridge.

Apparently, college girls like yogurt in freakish quantities. It's not all the tangy stuff known as Greek yogurt, but it's all Greek. Because it's a sorority. Get it?

It's unclear where the photo was taken, but a previous post by the user suggest he or she attends Temple University. Go (yogurt-eating) Owls!


UPDATE: The yogurt-loving sorority has been unmasked! Kassandra Galvez, a sister in the Delta Beta Chapter at Florida Southern College's Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, told HuffPost that the yogurts are actually for the school's annual yogurt-eating contest.

The lids were collected for the Susan G. Komen Foundation's Save Lids to Save Lives program; each lid means 10 cents goes to the non-profit organization.

A great cause, ladies!

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