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Sorry But You're Ruining Your Swimsuits

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If you're anything like us, you spent too damn long finding the perfect bathing suit to accidentally shorten its life span. So how are we all accidentally ruining our suits? By taking them off and tossing them onto a towel bar--stretching out all the straps and spandex. Cease, desist and care for your suits in a much better way.


What you need:
Delicate detergent (or better yet, baby shampoo); a clean, dry towel; and your wet swimsuit.

What you do: Gently suds up your suit and rinse out any chlorine, sweat or saltwater. Then lay your clean suit flat on the towel and roll up the towel (with your suit still in it). Unroll the towel and leave the swimsuit and towel lying flat in a cool place (away from the sun's damaging UV rays) to dry completely.

Why it works: Rolling your suit up in a towel will absorb the excess water. Then, instead of slinging it over the towel bar or wringing it out with your hands, which can cause the fabric to stretch and damage, you should let your suit dry flat to maintain its shape for as long as possible.

Ahhhh, hear that? It's the sound of our bathing suit crying for joy. (Or the ocean...probably just the ocean.)