12 Reasons Why We're Actually Really Sorry For 2004

12 Reasons Why We're Actually REALLY Sorry For 2004

We all remember the most apologetic song in history, "Sorry 2004" by "American Idol" winner Ruben Studdard. (If you don't remember this life-changing track, you're the one who needs to say sorry. To yourself.)

As it turns out, Studdard was totally onto something when he decided to ask for forgiveness for an entire year. In his song, Studdard profusely apologizes for "all them strip clubs" and "all them hot tubs." We've done him one better, though, and come up 12 other things that society should atone for from 2004.

Warning: some of these regrettable moments are NSFW (cough, cough Janet Jackson).

1. Sorry for giving Blockbuster false hope.

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2. Sorry for anyone who drank PepsiBlue and its worse -- astronomically worse -- cousin Pepsi Holiday Spice.

3. Sorry for tricking William Hung into thinking he was a superstar. No, seriously, we should actually be ashamed of doing this.

4. Sorry that Hoobastank was an actual band name.


5. And, oh my God, are we sorry for Britney and K-Fed getting married.


6. Deepest apologies for the end of "Friends" and its disaster replacement, "Joey."


7. We're sorry that we allowed this to be a hit song:

8. And even more sorry that someone made a worse rebuttal, and they said it couldn't be done:

9. Sorry to the children watching Nipplegate.


10. Sorry we accidentally launched so many careers by watching the guilty pleasure that was "Laguna Beach."


11. Sorry JoJo had such a tumultuous love life at such a young age.



12. Sorry for paying $300 to look trashy via Von Dutch hats and velour tracksuits.

von dutch

velour tracksuit

Please accept our apology.

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