Sorry, Kids, Scooter's Going To Jail

Sorry, Kids, Scooter's Going To Jail
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James Carville should be ashamed of himself.

His wife, Republican Mary Matalin, somehow convinced him to sign a letter to the sentencing judge for Lewis "Scooter" Libby. In Scooter's defense.

The Smoking Gun has the whole letter. Written by Mary, it says on the first page:

"Though my husband James Carville, a Democratic Strategist and Clinton supporter, shares neither political nor philosophical views with Scooter, he has a deep respect for his intellect, his integrity, and joins me in the sentiments expressed here."

She goes on to tell endearing stories of Scooter with her kids, how he saved Halloween at an "undisclosed location" (no, I'm not exaggerating), and she pleas:

"To this day, whenever I talk to my girls about attending any White House event, they always ask, 'Is Mr. Scooter going to be there?'"

She later sympathizes with the Libby family, and tells of her own children's reaction:

"Setting aside the pain of the Libby family, my girls just don't understand. They are old enough to intellectually comprehend the facts of the case but associating these 'facts' with 'Mr. Scooter' remains a complete disconnect to them.

My family is praying the wisdom and mercy you bring to bear in determining Scooter's future will include a consideration of his family, the price they have already paid and what further justice would be served by additional devastation to them and the many other children who love Scooter."

That's it? Kids love Scooter, so don't send him to jail? My kids will miss him at the White House events they attend? My little girls just cannot or will not understand that the "facts" were crimes committed by "Mr. Scooter?"

Incidentally, why the quote marks on "facts," Mary? These "facts" have been proven in a court of law. They are not "facts" they are facts. Deal with it.

Perhaps this inability to admit guilt or remorse by both Scooter and his supporters is part of the reason the judge handed down a 30-month sentence.

I saw an interesting debate recently, put on by the Leon Panetta Institute, between James Carville and Bill O'Reilly, with Panetta moderating. [I have searched for a transcript, but the Panetta Institute apparantly doesn't post them until a full year after the event, sorry.]

At the end of the debate, Carville got off a good line (due to lack of transcript, I am paraphrasing from memory):

"I'm going to end by saying something that everyone will like. Next year, the Democrats will take the White House -- hands down -- unless they monumentally screw up. For the Republicans in the audience, take heart in the fact that we are fully capable of doing so."

It got a big laugh.

But seriously, Mr. Carville, should you really be contributing to the screwup? You should be ashamed of your signature on a letter supporting Scooter Libby. Even if your wife did write it.

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