Sorry NFL Fans, Protests Don't Work If They Aren't Annoying

Sorry NFL Fans, Protests Don't Work If They Aren't Annoying

Earlier this year Donté Stallworth and three other former and current NFL football players spent three days lobbying Congress in favor of criminal justice reform. In other words, they did politics outside of football — demonstrating that even as players continue to kneel during pregame anthems, there’s a deeper commitment to policy than many people may realize. This week, Stallworth and HuffPost reporter Travis Waldron join the So That Happened podcast to talk football and politics.

The Republican health care bill is officially dead, but HuffPost reporters Jeffrey Young and Igor Bobic explain what’s next in the Trump administration’s quest to kill the Affordable Care Act.

Finally, HuffPost reporters Jen Bendery and Jessica Schulberg explain the highly questionable port policy that is not helping hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico at all.

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