19 Things No Woman Should Have To Apologize For

Sorry, not sorry at all.

1. Existing in a body, no matter what that body looks like. Leaving your "too skinny," "too fat," "too pear-shaped" judgments at the door. Self-hatred takes way too much time and energy, and you don't owe anyone an explanation for your body type.

2. Loving how she looks. You're badass and beautiful, and should be allowed to know that and admit it.

3. Having a strong opinion. Change comes from those who speak up.

4. Expressing said strong opinion on the Internet. Being a woman on the Internet can provide an incredible outlet for expression and access many supportive communities. It can also be a cesspool of garbage humans spewing said garbage into your Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram/Facebook feed. (See this, this and this if you're not sure what I'm talking about.) A troll's abuse should not trump a woman's right to speak her mind.

5. Being single. No, you are not defined by your lack of a romantic partner, no matter how young or old you are.

6. Being in a relationship. No, you are not defined by your romantic partner, no matter how young or old you are.

7. Wanting a relationship. There's no shame in looking for love and expressing that you wish it was something you had.

8. Not wanting a relationship. You do you, girl.

9. Wanting to have children. Own your desires. And remember that a partner is not necessarily required to fulfill this one.

10. Not wanting to have children. People love to ask childfree women if/when/why they are or are not going to have kids. But if you want to be childfree, you don't owe anyone answers to needlessly invasive questions about your reproductive plans.

11. Having an abortion. Your body, your (legal and constitutionally protected!) choice.

12. Not smiling every waking moment of every day. FYI, random men on the street, we don’t grin ear to ear on our way to work every morning because we aren't cyborgs.

13. Making more money than a male partner. Or a female partner, for that matter.

14. Being ambitious. In the words of Beyoncé: "I'm not bossy, I'm the boss."

15. Her success. If someone is going to be threatened by what you've accomplished, then #BYE. 

16. Having sex. Screw being slut-shamed. If it's fun and consensual, more power to you. 

17. Not having sex. It's your body, so you decide where your boundaries are.

18. Having emotions -- and showing that you have them. Feel free to be sad/angry/overjoyed/frustrated/ecstatic, and show it any goddamn way you see fit.

19. Not being enough. Because, you are.

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