Sotomayor Ads Hammer GOP Using Limbaugh "Bigot" Remarks

A progressive Latino organization is set to begin airing ads on Spanish-language radio attacking members of Congress over the nomination of Judge Sonia Stomayor. In order to stay out of Presente Action's doghouse, a member needs to denounce statements Rush Limbaugh has made calling the Supreme Court nominee a "bigot and a racist."

Reps. Adam Putnam and John Mica, both Florida Republicans, are the first two targets. Neither, according to the group, has denounced Limbaugh, despite requests to do so. Putnam is retiring in 2010 to run for statewide office.

The Putnam ad begins in Spanish, saying, "Sonia Sotomayor esta apunto de ser la primera latina y la primera puertorriqueña a servir en la Corte Suprema de los Estados Unidos. Es un momento de orgullo para nuestra comunidad. Sin embargo, los lideres republicanos insisten en atacarla."

That is: "Sonia Sotomayor is set to be the first Latina, and the first Puerto Rican, to serve on the US Supreme Court. It is a proud moment for our community. Yet Republican leaders insist on attacking her:"

It then switches back to English to quote Limbaugh saying, "She doesn't have any intellectual depth. She's got a -- she's an angry woman, she's a bigot. She's a racist."

Back in Spanish, it tells listeners, "Eso fue el lider Republicano, Rush Limbaugh diciendo que la Juez Sotomayor es racista y prejuiciada. Esto es un insulto a todos los Latinos y Americanos. Le preguntamos al congresista Republicano Adam Putnam si denunciaría las palabras de Limbaugh. El se negó a responder. Pongamos alto al odio. Llame hoy al congresista Adam Putnam al 863-534-3530 y pidale que condene este language."

Or: "That's Republican leader Rush Limbaugh calling Judge Sotomayor a racist and a bigot. It's insulting to all Latinos and Americans. We asked Republican Congressman Adam Putnam if he would denounce Limbaugh's words. He refused to reply. Let's put a stop to the hate. Call Congressman Putnam today at 863-534-353 and tell him to condemn this language."

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee endorsed the ad and set up a page where people can help Presente Action keep it on the air -- DenunciaRush.com.