SOTU Bores, Bachmann Riles, And For Some Reason, Christine O'Donnell Was Booked On Good Morning America : The Mediagasm

Last night, after President Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union address, your cable teevee people stepped up to the microphone and offered hours of coverage devoted to a serious discussion of the policy proposals hinted at in the speech, and their potential impact on ordinary Americans long lamentation about how bored they were, watching the speech.

Joe Scarborough was bored to death. Karl Rove talked about the words he had counted. Charles Krauthammer hated on high-speed rail, a transportation favored by hippies. And Lawrence O'Donnell fretted about how there wasn't anything in the speech that reminded him of Dick Cheney.

Why so ennui-packed, cable-teevee people? Well, possibly it was because the internet totally stole the State of the Union away from them! I'd have liked someone to point out that all of the Obama's future-casting seemed to leap ahead of our present condition. But mostly, it was a bunch of complaints about the boredom, though there was one point, during this morning's edition of Good Morning America, where Christine O'Donnell offered --

Wait: Christine O'Donnell? Good Morning America booked Christine O'Donnell, for a SOTU reaction? This is the lady who keeps losing elections and who has set up a PAC as a grift operation to pay her rent?

Yeah, I'm going to apologize to CNN for suggesting that broadcasting Michele Bachmann's "Black Swan From Outer Space" rebuttal was the worst decision made by anyone in the media in the past 24 hours.

To be honest, at the very least, Bachmann got teevee pundit-heads to perk up and get momentarily interested. Bachmann's performance elicited an energetic response: people cracked wise, told jokes -- Doug Heye and Rachel Maddow shared some bipartisan enthusiasm for Bachmann snark. THIS HEALED AMERICA.

Of course, Chris Matthews led the surge of Bachmann snark before the State of the Union address began, lighting up Bachmann with his "hypnosis" line, again. Ha! That's Chris Matthews! Bring Tom DeLay on his show and he'll slap DeLay's back like they were golfing buddies, but show him some low-hanging fruit and he'll suddenly bare his teeth.

Anyway, everyone's studied disinterest in the content of the State of the Union speech will obviously be forgotten when the time comes to start over-hyping the next one.



Video by Hunter Stuart

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