Soul Dance


Have you noticed how a bright sunny day can change your mood? Or how you are delighted by spring blossoms swaying in a gentle breeze?

Human souls breathe with the Soul of our home planet and awaken when touched by its expressions in the seasons of Nature. We're bathed in the sunshine during the day; we're caressed by the Moon, planets, and stars at night. We feel the monthly lunar cycle in the flow of our bodily fluids, women and men alike. The energy of the heavens colors the Earth as the Sun passes through the constellations on its journey through the four key positions in the dance between the Sun and the Earth: Winter and Summer solstices, Spring and Autumnal equinoxes.

Did you know that the Moon phases are on the same schedule everywhere on Earth? With the incremental 24-hour delay, of course, hour by hour from meridian to meridian. The Sun bathes the globe with two different intensities: the Summer-sphere with the blazing fire, and the Winter-sphere with a gentle caress. The Moon moves the oceans, breathing in unison: exhaling and inhaling with sunrise and sunset.

Oh, how many of the celestial dances have we, the post-modern humans, forgotten! We tend to ignore the seasons; we adjust the climate of our surroundings with heaters and air conditioners. The "advanced" hum of technology pushed the magic of the Universe into the shadows. We stay up late at nights, not to watch the stars, but to stare at the television and computer screens. We can't even see much of the planets and stars in the big cities anyway. We're sealed in office and residential buildings with artificial lights and climates: heat lodges in the Winter, ice cubicles in the Summer.

And most of the time, we aren't allowed to open the windows: "For your own safety", we are advised. The more the über technological society tries to structure our lives into rigid boxes, the more we yearn for the organic union with Nature.


The dance between the Sun and the Moon nurtures the planet with life-sustaining flow of energy. As we, humans, tune into this cosmic choreography, we begin to re-cognize the streaming expression of our individual souls--bathing in the seasons of the Sun, breathing with the sea tides--yet, each finding our own unique groove.

Alas, it's a struggle. The advertisements bombard us with directions on how to feel and what to do throughout the year. The day after Halloween, all the stores in the U.S. already begin displaying their Christmas fare. The Valentine's Day merchandise pops up right after the New Year's Day. The seasonal festivals have become just another marketing tool. The monetary gain may be there, but it doesn't work for human beings because we are not machines. We have a heart, which is more powerful than brain. And we have a Soul, the spiritual seed in our human body, nestled in the heart. We're fueled by Light and sustained by Love.

Yes, you're more than your physical appearance and belongings. You're more than your titles and station in society. You're more than your beliefs and habits. But how do you get in touch with your Soul? How do you nourish this spiritual seed in your human heart?

Last week, we celebrated the festivals of Lammas in the Northern hemisphere and Imbolc in the Southern hemisphere. Release the final remnants of your overgrown skin; embrace the freshly awakening Spirit forces within you; envision your new self growing bright in the Love of your Highest Self. For the Northerners, this is the time to notice the grand vision of our highest Spirit potential. For the Southerners, it's about the vision from the last Lammas ready to rise up with the sap of the trees in the practical, earthly manifestation.

Breathe, relax, slow down. Even medical research cannot deny that these are the basic requirements for vibrant health. And take time for weekly, nay, daily contemplation to commune with your Soul. Create a quiet space where you can tune into the insights of the Spirit stored in your beingness.

Over to you, dear Soulful Reader:
How do you honor the seasons of the Sun, the Moon, your Soul?

This article first appeared on the Soulful Sparks of Inspiration website.