Soul Met

Haven't we all heard how there is that one special someone for everyone? What if this were not true? What is not to say that there is more than just that one person that you believe is right for you?

While it is chance and/or circumstance that brings two people together, it is also chance, circumstance and condition -- often deliberately designed -- that create situations that in turn, keep two people apart. Differences in race, religion, ethnicity, skin color, age, wealth and a million such other man-made constructs do what they were constructed to create -- they put up walls that we are not even willing to look past. What if who we were meant to be is right behind these hard yet fragile walls that we have constructed with our minds and eyes? This is a possibility that most of us are not even willing to explore because who likes to scale walls? On the other hand, often, when we meet someone in our own circle of "acceptable" with whom we may feel a certain connection but even when sparks don't fly, we convince ourselves that we were meant to be. We settle and stop looking for the one who was born to be ours. We get lazy for this is hard work, we feel scared that we may never find anyone else, we feel pressured because there are expectations from everyone but most of all, we become unadventurous because adventure requires planning, patience and commitment. Who wants to work so hard to satisfy the soul when the basic needs of the soul can be quite easily met? We all know that glacial water is the most satisfying to quench the thirst but then again, tap water does the job to keep us alive, right?

We spend so much time meticulously planning our days, our careers, our vacations and our wardrobes -- why is the same time and effort not channeled into matters of the heart? Why is it okay to be mismatched in soul when we would never be caught donning mismatched clothes? Granted that the soul is not out there for everyone to stare and baulk at but then again, and at the end of the day, it is just between the two of us. The soul is the very essence of our being; it needs to be nurtured and regulated and to starve it is to strangle our very being. While beautiful clothes and pretty accessories enhance the exterior beauty, a happy soul in utter & complete love gives life (and love) its true meaning. Find that special someone (or something) that makes your soul soar- never stop looking my friend.

Let the eternal soul not just breathe but sing forever. I believe it is time for us to do a little soul-searching -- don't you?