How A Special Ed Teacher's Simple Idea Is Making A Big Difference

These students get an A+.

Here's proof that an idea doesn't have to be complicated to go a long way. Just ask special education teacher Sadie Guthrie.

A video from SoulPancake puts the spotlight on Guthrie, a special education teacher at Lawton Alternative School in San Francisco, for its Class Act series, which highlights inspiring teachers. Using a cart to sell coffee and pastries, Guthrie helps her students learn real world skills.

The video shows footage of the students asking teachers for orders and picking up treats at a local bakery as they get lessons about transportation skills and social interactions along the way.

"We’re now out in the actual community, showing people really what we’re capable of," Guthrie said.

It's clear Guthrie cares about her students, especially when she becomes emotional while talking about them. She stresses that the focus should be less on their challenges and more on their abilities.

"It’s less about what are you struggling with, it’s more about how awesome can you be," she said.

Gina Ferrante, the school's principal, added that Guthrie's coffee cart idea could easily be modeled at other schools and be as impactful as it has been at Lawton.

"Any school in this country could take this example to help transform their own school community, to make sure that every child feels accepted, that every child feels that they belong, that they have a place," she said.

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