Soul-Searching on Bald Head Island (VIDEO)

The ocean has always had a way of healing me emotionally. The beaches at Bald Head Island are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.
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I am a North Carolina native! When I discovered my kids had vacation in April, I immediately planned a trip to visit family and enjoy a few days at the beach. I had always heard the whispers about Bald Head Island. Over the years, people had conveyed to me how beautiful it was. I Googled it and found the video below. After watching it I knew I had to experience this amazing island! I have visited most of the North Carolina beaches but never had a chance to visit Bald Head Island. I had heard that everyone on the island was on "turtle time." I was intrigued by this. Apparently if you own a house on the beach you are not allowed to have your lights on at certain times as not to disturb the turtles during their hatching season. The island has lots of eco-friendly initiatives, which made it even more appealing to me.

Upon arrival on the island we were whisked away on a small golf cart tram through a dense forest of palm and pine trees...truly something out of a fairy tale. In the depths of the forest were magnificent homes scattered amongst the trees. The road then dumped us out onto another gorgeous road, with the Atlantic Ocean as the backdrop. Moments later we arrived at our beachfront house, which came equipped with two golf carts for our use, as there are no cars allowed on the island. I immediately ran into the house, got everyone dressed and then ran out onto the beach and dove in the ocean. The water can be a little cold in April but I needed to be one with this beach.

The ocean has always had a way of healing me emotionally. The beaches at Bald Head Island are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. I don't know if it is the silky sand dunes, crystal clear water or the abundance of sea shells, but there is something magical about this island. I felt as if I were in a foreign country the whole time I was there!

On our second day there I found myself sitting on the phone at the Shoals Beach Club pool, trying to rearrange schedules and extend our stay. I took a moment and accepted that I would have to leave the next day; then I really tried to absorb every moment I could. Even the pool was breathtaking. It is situated right on the ocean and is probably on of the most stunning pools I have ever seen!

The next morning I left the house by myself and took the golf cart around 5:30 am to watch the sunrise on East Beach. During this walk on the beach I pondered some of my hopes, my dreams and my life in general. Things such as: Am I following my heart? Are my kids happy? Am I doing all I can to make the world a better place? Can yoga alone lead to optimum health? How can I be a more patient person? Which publisher will publish my book? Will I find a Whole Foods on my drive back to Connecticut? Will the work on our home be completed quickly? Who will win American Idol? Will I go crazy all summer in the house with my kids? When will I be able to visit California again? How can I inspire more people to live peaceful lives?

I then drew a peace sign in the sand and wondered if anyone would see it before the tide washed it away...

If you happen to visit Bald Head Island, tell them Sandy sent you!

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