Soulja Boy Releases 'Stop Kony' Rap

Stop Kony? Perhaps someone should stop Soulja Boy.

The 21-year-old rapper, best known for his songs "Crank That" and "Booty Meat," released a song that takes up the anti-Kony cause. The sparse, tossed-off song features some audio from the massive viral video hit, KONY 2012, which has drawn fresh attention to some of the atrocities committed by Joseph Kony, a warlord in Central Africa. Soulja Boy implores listeners to "Stop Kony before it's too late" and "Stop Kony 2012" before yelling, incongrously, "Swag!"

(Please note the irony of a rapper named Soulja Boy penning a rap about a warlord notorious for using child soldiers to carry out massacres.)


Joseph Kony is listed as a terrorist by the United States government, and a warrant for his arrest was issued by the International Criminal Court in 2005.

Invisible Children, the group behind the viral 'KONY 2012' video, has been under scrutiny since their campaign caught fire. Some have blasted the group for its consumerist approach to the issue, while others, including many people from countries in central Africa, have criticized the 28-minute video as a a paternalistic, overly simplistic take on the region's geopolitics.