Finding Your Soulmate Love

We can't find eternal love in another person or place. Instead, we must look inward as it exists in a space within our own hearts. It is the very private space where our hopes and dreams reside.
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Though the journey of life is a composite of many kinds of love, soulmate love is the one we all dream about finding. When we turn on a radio, we tune into music that was already playing on the airwaves around us. In the same way, we must learn to tap into the love that is already within and around us in order to find a soulmate to share that love.

We can't find eternal love in another person or place. Instead, we must look inward as it exists in a space within our own hearts. It is the very private space where our hopes and dreams reside. This space lacks boundaries (like a circle without a circumference) and is infinite in its power; however, no one else can see inside it. It is a very sacred space where our dreams and fantasies run wild without fear of failure or discovery. Here, with the purity of our true essence and the innocence of our inner child, we can be totally honest with our own true emotions and love ourselves for who we really are. It is where our inner peace, universal truths and guiding light reside.

Eternal love (soulmate love) occurs when two souls who have matured embrace in a sacred way that allows those inner spaces to open up to one another and grow together. We allow each other to feel and share our naked emotions, revealing the truth and beauty of our own soul and inner peace. We feel it as our spirit and our emotions, and though we can share those, they are never given away.

Much like the millions of sperm that swim around the unfertilized egg, there is no explanation why a particular spirit is allowed to enter our sacred place. This miracle just happens when we are at peace with and nurturing our own private space.

Soulmate love is experienced as a seed and not a spark. Many of us go through life looking for the spark to set our souls on fire. When we think we've found it, unfortunately, it usually turns out to be the spark of infatuation. Burning the tinder brush of our heart, it feeds on the small branches of our hopes and dreams and eventually flickers out. But when we discover the seed of eternal love, we can water it with our love and kindness, nurture it with our inner peace and true emotions and shine upon it the strength and sunshine of our prayers and affirmations.

Much like some lives that end too soon, so too do some loves end too soon. And just as God has a plan for each of our lives, fate has a plan for each of our loves! Some seeds of love are healthier than others and when two loves bond together, we never know how long it will live. Some loves die suddenly and unexpectedly, others last awhile then fade away, while still others grow stronger until eternity. We can only live in the present, unable to control the past or determine the future. The best we can do is to ensure that our own seed of love is as strong, healthy and vibrant as it possibly can be.

We do that by learning to love ourselves for who we are, accepting the things we cannot change and letting go of judging people and incidents that affect our lives. Everything happens for a reason, even though we do not usually understand why at the time. Controlling our thoughts by staying positive and reacting with character and compassion to heartbreak and misfortune is the best nourishment for our seed of love to stay healthy and grow.

These lessons in life are expressed more succinctly in "Eternal Happiness," a poem from my book, Inner Peace and Happiness, Reflections to Grow Your Soul.

"Eternal Happiness"

Our lifetimes pass so swiftly
In the search for what is real,
It often takes another's heart
To know what we can feel.
And though love's bond with friendship
Is the strongest ever known,
It's inner peace and happiness
We must discover on our own.
For love that brings us happiness,
Blinds with strength knowing we are sure,
But what if we awake one day
And that love remains no more?
Our souls will fill with loneliness,
And emptiness abound,
We will have lost our happiness
Until another love is found.
But a happiness with one's own true self...
Not an easy bond to make,
Allows our heart to pour out love
Without the need to take.
And then if we be blessed with love
Found only "wished upon a star,"
Do we first begin our journey
In search for who we really are.
So if we find everlasting love,
The one fate has meant to be,
Together, we will inspire Him
To set our spirits free.
But if it's just another love
To teach us how to care,
We each will have our own happiness
And inner peace still left to share.

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