This Is What Can Happen When Men Talk About Gender Equality

Spoiler: It's kind of awesome.

Here's more proof that men are important allies in the movement for gender equality.

As part of its #ThatsWhatHeSaid series, SoulPancake invited a diverse group of men to discuss catcalling, consent and sexism. Creator and director Anabella Casanova said that through the series, she wanted to provide a space for men to talk about such issues, touching on the importance of men being a part of the feminist movement.

"I believe it is equally as important in the efforts of feminism to raise good men with a balanced understanding of masculinity and feminism as it is to raise strong women," she said. 

In the series' video focused on women's issues in particular, the men reflected on moments when they witnessed women dealing with "casual sexism" and unwanted comments about their bodies. One man shared his experience with catcalling and said that he talked back to the man who shouted at him because he felt like he was on "an equal playing field" physically. But he said he would never want his daughters to do the same. 

"It's completely different for a man," another man said, agreeing. 

The men also came up with the hashtag #CheckYourBoys to go along with their conversation, stressing the importance of calling out sexist behavior.

"We talk about sexism as if it’s a women’s problem," he said. "It’s women’s problem to deal with, but it’s men’s problem. Sexism is men’s problem." 

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