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Soul's Resonance

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Have you ever heard of the term Resonance? We all heard it growing up in school when this concept is taught in middle school science class. This term holds a significant importance in explaining one of the fundamental properties of matter. In the world of physics, resonance is defined as:

"A phenomenon that occurs when a given system is driven by another vibrating system or external force to oscillate with greater amplitude at a specific preferential frequency. Frequencies at which the response amplitude is a relative maximum are known as the system's resonant frequencies, or resonance frequencies."

In simple words, the given system offers least resistance to the oscillations when resonant frequency is reached. Resonance applies to all types of vibration and waves. Whether it's mechanical, electrical, acoustic, nuclear or atomic, they all share one thing in common, which is that when resonance is reached, the external vibrator and the system vibrating becomes one coherent system losing all its inertia in the process. I call it a happy state of the system.

Have you ever wondered what is your soul's resonant frequency or what is your happy state? What are the things, people, events and places that have touched your soul in such a way that you have felt at one with them. Have you ever lost yourself so much in the process that the difference between you and things you are doing completely vanishes? If not, then you are missing out on taking your soul on a journey that it was meant to take. Have you noticed how much inertia your body offers to the things that you don't enjoy doing, leaving you drained and exhausted and how effortless everything becomes when you are engaged in activities that absorb your attention and energy like a sponge?

In 1831, a brigade of soldiers marched in step across England's Broughton Suspension Bridge causing the bridge to collapse. The frequency of the soldiers' rhythmic marching in unison matched with the resonant frequency of the bridge and the bridge started vibrating until it collapsed. After this incident, soldiers were ordered to break their stride when crossing the bridge.

These lifeless things around us seemingly coming to life at resonant frequencies indicates that this is something ingrained in all of us by nature. Nature offers all types of frequencies to us in the form of opportunities, we just need to find ours and tune in to that. Wondered why it's so easy for kids to remain happy most of the time? We are intended to be in that state from the beginning but as we grow old we tend to lose sight of it. When I look at great artwork by an artist or listen to soul-stirring music or immerse myself in wonderful books written by great writers, my heart is filled with awe and admiration for such inspiring pieces of creation. And I wonder how they do it. The answer is simple, they do it with ease. I asked my friend who is an artist how she would describe her feelings when she is painting. The answer was, "Nothing else exists." It's absolutely ecstatic and intoxicating and what comes out of that nothingness is nothing less than a masterpiece.


So right now if my thoughts are resonating with yours, let's tune in to our unique frequencies and let's find out what are those things that can trigger resonance in our souls. We can't operate at resonant frequency all the time but we can try to incorporate few things in our lives where our soul offers complete surrender. If it's painting, you are not a painter anymore. You become the colors of that painting. If it's writing, you are not a writer anymore, you become the words of that writing. If it's cooking, you are not a cook any more, you merge with the flavors of food. If it's singing, you become the tune of the song, and if it's dancing, you become the rhythm of that dance. In short, you transcend the boundary that separates the creator from the creation and you are aligned with the process to an extent where everything merges beautifully and effortlessly.


Unlike in the physical world, there is no instrument to measure your soul's resonance. The only measure of resonance is your feelings. For that, you have to look inside and do some introspection. It requires a little effort but once you have found it, it's the most effortless state to be in. Among the mundane activities, these spikes of resonance are capable of igniting the missing sparks in our lives which makes this journey more enjoyable and fun. For once it's not about a means to an end anymore as you are not YOU anymore, you become what you are doing. And in becoming something that you are meant to be, you add a new dimension to your life where every cell of your body fully participates and hence RESONATES. Life becomes a symphony whose music, words, and rhythm are in sync with your SOUL.

This synchronization of your inner being and outer world is your SOUL's RESONANCE. If you are already in that state, great. If not, it's never too late. This is your moment to start. Happiness is not some goal to achieve, it is a by-product of your actions; it is not a destination, it is a part of your journey. It is there all along unless we choose to make our SOULS dormant by focusing on the things that keep weighing us down and add no value or meaning to our existence.

Let's enter that space of euphoria in our minds where there is no competition, no comparisons, no rat race, no deadlines to meet, no goals to achieve, just an honest expression of our SOULS, nothing less, nothing more, ONLY RESONANCE.