Souls United

at the risk of sounding didactic,
to reduce us to gender
is to reduce us to language
invented before we knew what a wheel was;
That is how far you have to go
to get to a before we had a word for man
and a word for woman
'Mrs. John F Kennedy'
hidden somewhere in that is a person
trapped somewhere in that is a soul,
fragile as the ornaments she'd order to try and restore her life
trying to grow a world in a rented garden
her lifeboat was the bed of dead and famous men
To Bobby: "do you think Mrs Lincoln imagined there would be monuments built to her husband?"

what if instead of 'husband and wife' they'd called it
'life friends' or 'equal partners,' or 'souls united'
anything other than complete erasure of self
would she have had a better chance of achieving her wish: dying together?

I bet words took off to expand sex, as most inventions do;
'Your cock's so big it hurts;'
an ancient script needed to help get women pregnant
words create distance
suggesting there is somewhere to go
when there isn't, apparently
but we probably needed to invent the wheel to find out