The Sounds Women Should Make During Sex

Young couple being intimate in bed, woman looking disinterested
Young couple being intimate in bed, woman looking disinterested

Most women use the "Quiet And Quick" rule when it comes to sex. We are taught to be quiet and to have sex as quickly as possible. Maybe it's from our childhood, when self-pleasuring was something we had to keep secret. But the truth is that if we make sounds during sex, it does something magical to lovemaking. And if we start making sounds even before things get hot, we can increase pleasure both for ourselves and for our partners.

Think about it. Do you ever start to make "yummy" sounds BEFORE you eat an amazing meal? Does your anticipatory sounds increase your pleasure? You bet they do! That's why we do it. When we allow sounds into our life we are actually moving sensual pleasure through our entire body. Think of sound as a pleasure appetizer! Making pleasure sounds wakes up our bodies and can actually begin our erotic arousal experience.

Sexy Sound Tips

1. Experiment with sexy sounds even before you are feeling "turned on." Growling, purring, or any sound that feels sexy to you. Try allowing sound to be the beginning of an erotic experience rather than a byproduct. See what happens. How does your body feel?

2. Notice whether the addition of sexy orgasmic sounds to your lovemaking turns on your partner. I bet it does!

Hearing sexy sounds can be really encouraging to our sex partners. It's like cheering them on as well as turning them on. Sex sounds are Sexy! And when we make happy, sexy sounds during sex, it lets our partners know that we are enjoying their touch.

3. Making sexy sounds gets us out of our heads and into our bodies! It's kinda like saying "OM" during meditation. Making sounds quiets our minds and we stop thinking. Sex is about feeling and making sexy sounds can help us stay in the moment of erotic connection.

4. Try making sounds when you self-pleasure. See how that feels and how sexy sound-making can even change your "Sex For One" experiences. For extra bonus points try making sexy, orgasmic sounds before you even start to touch yourself. Let go. Nobody is watching or listening. See how your pleasure increases with the sounds that you are making. Don't be afraid to let go. This is an exploration of pleasure and you are not being recorded. This is a judgement-free zone.

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