SOUNDS FISHY! 3-Eyed Catfish Found In New York Canal

"It's notoriously polluted."

Here's one Brooklyn happening we hope doesn't turn trendy -- a three-eyed catfish.

The bizarre-looking bottom feeder was caught Saturday afternoon in Gowanus Canal, in the southern part of the borough.

Eyewitness Greg Hunter videotaped the creature as it laid on the ground near the man who caught it.

"I was walking to Whole Foods when someone shouted, "Hey! A dude caught a three-eyed catfish," Hunter told The Huffington Post.

Hunter was surprised, but not completely shocked, considering the condition of the canal.

"It's notoriously polluted," said the 34-year-old bodega employee.

Hunter didn't catch the name of the man who caught the creature, but said the man said he was planning to eat it somehow.

That left a bad taste in the mouths of two women, Hunter said.

"One woman said, 'Don't eat this fish! The water is polluted!' over and over," Hunter said.

"The other woman, an older lady, was pissed! She was flipping out because he whacked it dead. She said they were trying to preserve the remaining wildlife there or something,"

Hunter said after he took a video of the catfish, he walked away and doesn't know what the guy did with the fish.

Still, Hunter admits the three-eyed catfish reminded him of Blinky, the three-eyed fish seen swimming near the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant on "The Simpsons" in 1990.


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